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How to choose healthy and safe imported Baby Tableware


Baby Tableware selection 4 elements

1. Product label information

First of all, the label and manual content on the product or its sales package should use standardized Chinese characters, and should meet the following requirements:

(1) The product name, material, production country or region, importer's name, contact information and address should be marked;

(2) For products to be used within a time limit, the term of use shall be clearly marked in a prominent position;

(3) Due to improper use, products that are easy to cause damage to the product itself or may endanger the safety of human life and property shall have applicable conditions, warning signs or warning instructions in Chinese.

2. Tableware function

Look at the function. Tableware selection should reflect the characteristics of children, small and chic, lightweight and fall-resistant. Younger children prefer cutlery with suction cups and handles.

3. Tableware appearance

Look at the appearance. No odor, no cracks, bubbling, burrs and other obvious defects in appearance. Avoid choosing knives and forks with sharp cuts or sharp cutlery to prevent injury to children.

4. Dinnerware color

As little as possible to choose particularly bright color tableware, pigments may contain heavy metals and other toxic and harmful substances, when heating or containing acidic food, such substances are more likely to migrate out, and food into the child's body at the same time. Preference can be given to plain or stainless steel children's tableware.

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